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The Wolf of Amalfi: The Further Adventures of Artemis Fletcher (official release November 8, 2023)
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Thievery, Espionage, and the Supernatural
In the Wolf of Amalfi a global adventure of thievery and espionage meets the supernatural. Artemis Fletcher and her intrepid sidekick Ayotunde Ibukun hold down day jobs as respectable college professors, but once out of the classroom they pursue their real vocation as international secret agents charged with an almost impossible task. From a haunted castle in Ireland to the deep forests of Nigeria, the sun-drenched lemon groves of Italy and the jazz clubs and dive bars of 1960s Greenwich Village, they track down and do battle with art thieves. Along the way they team up with shape-changers, engage in sword fights and motorcycle chases, ultimately pursuing a time-traveling pirate up the Hudson River in a breathless climax.
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What They're Saying:
“Pete Kennedy is about to take us on a unique and wonderful journey! From a pub on Dublin's busy Grafton Street through the windswept ancient castles of an Ireland full of folklore and mystery..... get your pint poured and your Galois lit....you're in for a rich treat!” – Charlotte Moore, co-founder, Irish Repertory Theatre, New York

“Pete Kennedy's The Wolf of Amalfi is a memorable mix of myth, mischief and history. Find a comfortable chair, pour a favorite drink, and start reading. Once you begin the first page, there's no putting it down until you finish the last.” – Peter Quinn, author of Cross Bronx: A Writing Life

“Pete Kennedy's depiction of the Greenwich Village scene in the early days is spot on.” – Happy Traum, author, The Blues Bag and The Joy of Guitar

“Brace yourself for more globetrotting myth, mysteries, and monsters in Pete Kennedy’s follow-up to his page-turning Floodwood. In The Wolf of Amalfi, our beloved protagonist Artemis Fletcher teams up with Yoruba scholar, Ayotunde Ibuken, as they travel the world to fight werewolves, mad Irish professors, reincarnated 18th century pirates, and thieves of sacred African statues. Like Floodwood, this is a fun and entertaining mix of who-done-it mystery, fascinating folklore, classic monster narratives, and action-adventure.” – Gareth Branwyn writer and media critic, editor at Mondo 2000 and Boing Boing
Order Pete's stunning debut novel, Floodwood (release date 6/15/21)

On the heels of his successful memoir, Pete’s debut novel, Floodwood, is a hybrid of mystery and fantasy. 

There’s something rotten at New York’s prestigious Strabo Society, and a werewolf is on the loose in sedate Westchester County. Improbably assisted by an intrepid female professor-turned-secret-agent named Artemis Fletcher, the werewolf’s mission is anything but expected, spanning the globe from the Adirondacks to the Himalayas and ancient temples of Japan. This unforgettable mystery novel combines classical and folk mythology, esoteric tropes and a touch of horror that recalls Edgar Allen Poe and Mary Shelley.

Floodwood by Pete Kennedy

$19.99 plus shipping

Get the audio version of Pete's debut novel Floodwood! 

This fast-moving narrative of global adventure mixes mystery, myth and a monster. The brand new audio version is read by Pete and features original soundtrack music composed and played by him! The crime fighting tale of Alistair Wulver and intrepid crossbow-toting heroine Artemis Fletcher comes alive with Pete's narration and newly-penned music.  

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"Electric Sitar Meditations" 

Sandalwood incense wafts from the next room. “Electric Sitar Meditations” by Pete Kennedy is playing. The drone of his sitar is calming, but at the same time it triggers a heightened sensual awareness. Kennedy's solid reputation as a folk-rock sideman was cemented long ago through his work with Nanci Griffith, Mary-Chapin Carpenter, Kate Wolf and most notably his wife and duo partner Maura Kennedy. He's also released a string of guitar-centric albums in the roots/Americana genre. 

With "Electric Sitar Meditations" he takes a bold step in a new direction, offering a set of jazz classics from the late fifties "modal" period associated with Miles and Coltrane, balanced against a virtual "side two" of his own improvisations on classical themes by DebussyRavel, Stravinsky and Bartok. The electric sitar, which he plays solo throughout with no overdubs or edits, is an evocative, surprisingly sonorous instrument that has long deserved a rehab from its hippie-era gimmick status. Kennedy quietly reinvents the instrument as an "ancient but fresh" sound that will intrigue jazz, classical and new age listeners.

Get the digital download on your choice of music outlets here: https://orcd.co/ordrloy

Tone, Twang & Taste: A Guitar Memoir
Petes autobiography of his life on the road playing guitar
Pete has assembled hundreds of musical stories from his life, starting with the day he first discovered the guitar as a child. This book features lots of rare photos that span his whole life.  $21.99 plus shipping.

Guitarist Pete Kennedy's bio, photos and samples of music can be found here.
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Pete Kennedy, Guitarist (guitarkennedy@aol.com)


Studied with:

Joe Pass

Johnny Smith

Larry Coryell

Chuck Wayne

Larry Carsman

Larry Snitzler


Mentored by:

Danny Gatton

Tony Rice

Doc Watson

Chet Atkins

Charlie Byrd

Tommy Tedesco


Played with:

-The Kennedys; produced multiple CDs, currently toured US and British  Isles

-Nanci Griffith; played on Grammy-winning “Other Voices, Other Rooms”, toured Carnegie Hall, Royal Albert  Hall, Tonight Show

-Mary-Chapin Carpenter


House musician at:

The Birchmere

Ford’s Theater

National Theater

Kennedy Center


Played one-off gigs with:

Elton John

Stevie Wonder

Patti Smith

Dr. John

Taj Mahal

Jackson Browne


WAMMY Awards (Washington DC)

Artist of the Year

Best Instrumentalist (9 times)

Best Freelance Musician (5 times)


“Among the acoustic guitar instrumental elite…destined to become a major player” (Jazziz Magazine)

“An exceptionally fluent jazz stylist…a consummate craftsman” (Washington Post)

“Very good technique, I wish you a lot of luck!” (Chet Atkins)

"He plays and sings pretty good, and he's not a pain in the ass"(Danny Gatton)